Sunday, December 1, 2013

Disney NFL Logos: Off Topic, But Just as Fun and Important

               This time of year is always pleasant because of 3 things: The Holidays, Hockey, and not having to deal with baseball for little bit. I know, it's a somewhat blasphemous statement but hear me out. For 162 games, I scraped, cheered, angered and drove myself up the wall for Baseball. I've done it before and I'll do it again. But the reaso I an keep that endurance up is because of a nice 4 month break. But how to fill that time? Personally, I like to indulge myself in a video game or 2, watch some great holiday movies, and mess around with Photoshop. And since the Lions are having another classic roller coaster season, my Photoshop skills were tickeld when I thought to myself: What would NFL logos look like if imagined with Disney Characters? After some research, several Bond films as background noise, and sitting on my couch, I churned out the following 18 masterpieces. These were the logos deemed most suitable to fit with Characters from the Disney-verse. The rules were strict Disney, no trying to shoehorn new acquisitions into NFL logos here. No Marvel or Lucasfilm. Just straight animation domination.

                                Bagheera - Carolina Panthers

                                Big Al from The Country Bear Jamboree - Chicago Bears

                                Bullseye - Indianapolis Colts

                                Captain Hook - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

                                Diablo, Maleficent's Pet Raven - Baltimore Ravens

                                Classic Disney Font - New York Giants

                                The Seven Dwarfs - Pittsburgh Steelers

                                Hayabusa, Shon Yu's Falcon - Atlanta Falcons

                                Iago - Arizona Cardinals

                                John Smith - New England Patriots

                               Ariel - Miami Dolphins

                                Pegasus - Denver Broncos

                                Peter Pan - Cleveland Browns

                                Sabor from Tarzan - Jacksonville Jaguars

                                Zazu - Seattle Seahawks

                                Shere Khan - Cincinnati Bengals

                                Simba - Detroit Lions

                                King Triton - Minnesota Vikings

So there you have it. If the mood strikes, there could me more from other sports as well. We'll see what happens I guess. Anyways, here's a link to bigger versions, should you want them for your phone or computer:

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